About Us

Aquavit factory was established in the year 2005, Located in Kaiping, Guangdong Province. For years we have been focus on demestic markets and then we seen the dynamic development of international markets. Then we started AQUAVIT at beginning of 2013 to  provide international customers for what they need.


The products we offer are the reflection of our acquired taste and years of reserach. AQUAVIT products are designed in house and crafted the best and strongest components from around the world. our extensive and unique variety of products ensures maximum comfort, premium design and optimum functionality that appeal to every taste.


As time changes, Our products do to. We make sure that our selection of products meet the latest standards of the modern life. AQUAVIT never stops changing because it's what we love to do.


Let us be part of your next strategy supplier of bathroom products; We are confident that our experienced staff can be of great help.